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A successful story

In 1990, Günter Anger from Potsdam founded the with a small VW bus  Anger bus service. His preference for "big cars" and trips to distant countries were the driving force. With a lot of commitment and courage, he built up one of the largest private bus companies in Brandenburg. Due to the great hunger for travel after reunification, more coaches were soon added and the Anger buses, which are now well-known in the cityscape of Potsdam, were also soon to be seen in local public transport.


In 1999 the  Construction of the depot in the commercial area "Am Friedrichspark" in Potsdam North. Spacious bus halls, a fully equipped workshop, a gas station and a car wash that is fed with rainwater have become a safe haven for over 40 buses. This is where our friendly staff begin their service when traveling between the North Cape and Sicily on behalf of our passengers.


quality and safety

In 2001, another important milestone in terms of quality assurance was set with the introduction of a QM system by the LRQA. Regular training courses in theory and practice always keep our drivers up to date.

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